Jays Care Foundation announced $885,000 in funding to support the Rookie League program in BGC Clubs across Canada this summer, including BGC Cochrane & Area. Rookie League is a summer camp program for kids ages 4 to 15. 

This is the second year The Jays Care program has come to Cochrane, the big difference is that last year was all-virtual programming.

Maureen Topp, Manager of Licensed Programs with BGC Cochrane & Area explains how their partnership continues to grow. 

“Last year the partnership was so successful, they wanted to continue to support BGC programs across Canada. We applied to be one of the partners for summer camp, and we were successful and they're supporting us in a number of ways.”

“They're providing us with quite significant financial support so that we can get all kinds of sports equipment for our kids this summer, take them on field trips, and just make sure that the return to in-person programming counts as a really great experience for our kids.” 

She says that it’s not only kids who are benefiting from the funding.

“They've done some staff training with our team. Anywhere from teaching them how to do kind of distanced, six-foot activities with the kids, to team-based planning. And of course, the baseball team planning as well.”

“If they weren't so much taller than the kids, it would be hard to tell the difference when they're outside!”

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