Big Hill Haven Cochrane Women's Shelter received a cheque for $4500 from Amber Jeffrey on behalf of Inter Pipeline on Thursday, January 23, 2020. 

Board members, Ana Botelho Clark, Faith Brace, Gretchen Albers, and Debbie Leah were on hand to happily receive the donation.

Tara McFadden, Fund Development & Public Relations Officer for the women's shelter said, "Today is a great day for Big Hill Haven, in our search to continue to be able to help women facing domestic violence in Cochrane. Inter Pipeline has reached out to give us a donation and that is going to go a long way to support our work. Grants like this go a long way in making sure we can help people now while we prepare for the future."

Amber Jeffrey, speaking on behalf of Inter Pipeline said, "Inter Pipeline supports programs and initiatives whose goals include building a self-sustaining legacy in the community and we are proud to support the development of the Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter in Cochrane."

Big Hill Haven is providing a much-needed service in Cochrane and according to their website at


  • Big Hill Haven has assisted more than 150 women and children living with domestic violence.

  • On average we receive 6 calls per day from people looking for help, guidance or support.

  • We have been unable to relocate a single person into long term care in Calgary or surrounding areas (no room)

  • It only takes $100/ day to get a family of 3 out of a volatile environment (short term response plan) 

  • We are working with Town of Cochrane & Developers to explore various options available for us to build a structure capable of expansion, generating revenue and growing with the needs of our community.

HERE in COCHRANE, ALBERTA in the last 15 months