It's Family Violence Prevention Month and as part of Big Hill Haven’s efforts to raise awareness and prevent family violence, the fundraiser Hundred for the Haven has been launched.

Hundred for the Haven asks 100 people to step forward and donate $100 per month for a year. 

"This fundraiser would really allow us to raise $120,000 for the year, which would really underscore the financial sustainability of our organization," says fund development officer Tara McFadden, "and will allow us to continue the provide the services that we have been providing and to continue to expand and grow with those services."

Over the last year, the organization has helped 62 clients and provided 82 nights of housing.

Domestic violence is on the rise. The RCMP reported that from Mar. 18 to Sept 15 they recorded 12,391 calls related to domestic violence across Alberta. That's an increase of 11.7 per cent compared to the same time period in 2019.

"We all know that domestic violence is on the rise, and in the COVID world, it's only been getting worse," says McFadden. "So with that, Big Hill Haven has been adapting and working to make sure that we are there when women and families need help."

Officially launched Nov. 1, Allison Comeau, who is a board member of the Big Hill Haven, was the first person to step forward.

"The opportunity to be a part of Hundred for the Haven is extra special as I know that each month, I am helping them provide critical services in the community I live in,” says Comeau.

Others have since joined The 100.

"We've got two or three already, but a big shout out to Allison who stepped up to be the first contributor," says Tara McFadden, fund development officer. "The monthly donation plan makes it a little more possible for a lot of us to contribute a little bit every month, and that really makes a difference."

To become one of the hundred or for more information on the services of Big Hill Haven click here.