If you have an old cell phone collecting dust in your house it can be put to very good use. 

Big Hill Haven a local organization that helps women and families escape domestic violence will gladly accept the donation of your old phone. 

Wanda McGinnis, Executive Director of Big Hill Haven says, "We've learned that a lot of the people that we are working with do not have cell phones and if they do have cell phones, they are limited or monitored. So, if we are able to provide them with interim emergency cell phones that makes all the difference. In fact, it can make a life or death difference." 

For many of us, we take our phones for granted but as McGinnis points out it is an important tool for Big Hill Haven's clients, "When we safety plan with individuals that are fleeing violence and abuse, we want to make sure they have all the tools they need to keep themselves safe. And one of them is to be able to reach out to community partners including 911 if they need to."

Ensure that you factory reset your old phone to erase all personal data and then it can be dropped off at the Big Hill Haven office in the FCSS building at 209 2nd Avenue West. 

It would be appreciated if you can provide the charger with the phone as well. 

For more information, you can call 403-796-6564.