Big Hill Haven Women's Emergency Shelter was established in 2018 to provide support, resources, and emergency shelter to women and families suffering from domestic violence in the community. During the COVID 19 pandemic, like everyone and everything else, Big Hill Haven has had to adapt to the new world that we are living in, but they are still available for the women and families that need them. 

Public Relations Officer, Tara McFadden says the outreach worker for Big Hill Haven has had to adjust how she works with women and families by offering support from the proper social distance thus, utilizing phone, email and Live Chat on their website.

McFadden says that they are currently applying for grant monies that have been made available by the provincial government during the COVID 19 pandemic. They are hopeful that they will be able to secure more funding to provide increased support as they are concerned that once the pandemic restrictions are lifted they will see a spike in domestic violence. She realizes that this is difficult times for everyone, but if there are people who wish to donate to the shelter they would be very grateful.

"We haven't currently seen an increase, but we understand that's due to people being isolated with their abuser, they are not in a safe space to reach out and access formal help like ourselves. That is why it is so important to keep up the informal networks and keep in touch with people. Spread the word, be aware of your friends and neighbours and watch for the signs if they are isolating and make sure you stay in touch with them. We are here to help now."

Big Hill Haven emergency shelter services remain open during the pandemic. 

Big Hill Haven is here ready and prepared to help...