Cycling has become very popular over the past few months not only here in Cochrane, but around the world. With the sudden spike of interest in the sport, new bikes and supplies are becoming harder and harder to find.

Shane Campbell, one of the owners of the new bike shop in Cochrane, Big Hill Cycle says that he believes this worldwide shortage will last longer than people expect.”I believe that not only are we going to have a shortage this year obviously but we're going to have a shortage next year as well. The last time this happened was in the early ’70s and it lasted for about three and a half years.”

“Whether it be repairs or health reasons or they had to get the work or they were uncomfortable using transit, or they couldn't get rides with friends anymore because those friends were going to work from home, whereas they couldn't work from home. People have figured out that biking, made a huge difference.”

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing many new and different reasons why Cochranites’ are taking up cycling, Campbell believes it all comes down to one major factor. “Cycling is fun. You may not understand that you don't have to spend a lot on a bike.  I've had so many people come into the store and say I'm a little embarrassed about my bike but I just want to make sure it's safe, get it tuned up and it doesn't matter how much money you spent as long as you're cycling. People have kind of figured that out or been forced to figure that out and they're really enjoying their bikes.”

“People have figured out that it's actually a lot of fun and you don't have to shave your legs, wear spandex and ride up the Cochrane hill if you don’t want to” chuckles Campbell.

Even though the bike industry is facing a worldwide shortage, many shops in Cochrane, like Big Hill Cycle still have bikes and equipment in stock.