Banff-Airdrie Member of Parliament Blake Richards wants constituents to have their say on whether they are concerned the federal government isn't standing up for Alberta's interests.

Last week a hearing on TransCanada's proposed Energy East Pipeline was stormed protesters in Montreal, in response, the Trudeau Liberal government has created a review of operations and mandates of the National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Richards says these actions have created economic uncertainty by moving the goalposts on existing application processes.

"To continually be changing the regulatory process for pipeline approvals, I think no one really knows what it is anymore, and they're not sure what it's going to be next week either," he says. "It's difficult enough when we have a struggling economy, what we don't need is a government that on top of it creates so much uncertainty in terms of regulatory processes, and taxation issues. It's a real struggle for businesses have any kind of confidence to invest."

The Energy East project is a 4,500 km pipeline that would transport oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the refineries of Eastern Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick.

Richards says the pipeline would create 14,000 full time jobs every year of its construction, generate $10 billion in tax revenues, and add about $55 billion in economic growth to Canada.

The project has seen opposition from First Nations, and Quebec municipalities arguing environmental concerns, Richards says Canada's oil is more environmentally friendly than what the east is receiving now.

"In our eastern provinces the oil is being imported from places like Saudi Arabia, and frankly, I would put up our environmental record against the record of places like that any day. It doesn't help the environment, the economy, it doesn't help Canadians for people to be opposed to this."

Richards adds Canada spends more than $20 billion importing foreign oil to Quebec and New Brunswick refineries.

He says he has yet to the the prime minister stand up for economic growth.

"I don't get a sense that there's any concern being shown for any of the people that are struggling right now."

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