The Bow Valley Bobcats boy's soccer team are giving other teams in the Rocky View School Division a run for their money this year, boasting a 4-1 record.

The squad trampled the Springbank Phoenix 8-2 at Rangers Field in Cochrane, Coach Jez Rodgers says it was a nice bounce back from their previous game.

"Well after losing the last game at Chestermere we had a bit of a chat about what we took out of it," he says. "The guys were a little dissappointed by their performance and how it went."

Rodgers thinks the win was a good showing of the team's character, and their ability to bounce back.

"They prepared for it well, they started of well, we went 1-0 up and all of the sudden found ourselves 2-1 down which was a bit of an interesting situation. Last week we panicked, and this time they stuck to the shape. We managed to get back to a 3-2 lead at halftime."

He says the second half was when the boys really shined.

"That second half was the strongest half of the season, we had five goals in the second half scored by a number of people, it showed we're strong right throughout the team."

The top scorers of the game were Grade 12 Liam Baker with 3 goals, and Grade 10 Max Perron with 2. Rodgers thinks it's important to have two condfident, strong forwards on the team.

"I think of the 30 goals we've scored this season, Liam's scored somewhere near 50%. He's got his eye in, I think its his confidence, he's enjoying playing, as a team. It's nice to have him and Max up front, they're both causing problems, and feeding off of eachother. The strength from the midfield, and the defence, as well are creating opportunities for them"

The Bobcats will face off against rivals the Cochrane High Cobras on Thur. May 19, Rodgers says to win the team needs to stick to the game plan.

"We're playing to our strengths, obviously being aware of the other teams strengths. but no focusing too much on it, because we lose our shape when we start focusing too much on it. "

Rodgers adds the goal is to face off against the Cobras for the semi-final, and there's a good possibility of that.

"Our target, looking at previous years, would be just to qualify. It's always Cochrane High, they've traditionally been the strongest school in the district. I think this year we are going to be in a position to compete with them."

Bow Valley currently sits first in the standings, the Cobras sit in second, a testament to Cochrane athletics.

"It would be nice to see if we could both take the two top spots. It would be an achievement for the town as much as anything, just show that as a town, we could provide two strong soccer teams."