About 40 youth from Cochrane will head to Red Deer on June 11 for a rugby tournament.

Youth teams under 11,9,7 will be headed to the tournament and playing teams from all over Alberta.

Francine Horton, Club Administrator says, the tournament is all day.

"They're playing there all day from 9:30 right through to about 4:30. At the end they will hopefully get a medal, hopefully win of course. It's a very exciting day for all of them, they're all very excited."

The club has headed to the Red Deer tournament for the last four years.

"There' s a team out in Red Deer and if they didn't put the tournament on it would be quite difficult for them to play any other teams. So they put this tournament on so that they get an opportunity to actually play different teams as well."

Bow Valley Rugby Club has lots of new youth this year.

"They're doing extremely well, they seem to have picked it up so quickly. At the younger ages they are still playing flag rugby or touch rugby so they aren't tackling or anything like that but they are learning the basics."

Numbers of the club are continuing to grow as registration is now open for U18 boys and U18 girls. The season for the U18s is right around the corner, if you have a youth looking to register you can do so here.