The Boys and Girls Club of Cochrane And Area has teamed up with the Toronto Blue Jays to provide free, online summer camps to kids in and around Cochrane. 

Maureen Topp, Manager of Licensed Programs at the Boys and Girls Club explains how the partnership with the Jays came about. "We were lucky enough to be one of the partners selected by the Jays Care Foundation. They partnered with several clubs across Canada to help us deliver some free virtual sessions for summer camps for kids."

"They are open to everybody within the Cochrane community or just outside of our community. We just want as many kids to have the opportunity to attend a summer camp, whether it's virtual or not." 

Even though the Toronto Blue Jays are, of course, associated with baseball, Topp says that the camps will cover all different activities. "There will be some sport-focused activities, so to speak, but really it's just about the model itself is just about having fun and connecting socially with the kids. Kids can expect to log on, for approximately a one-hour session with our camp counselors who are  primarily our out-of-school care staff so a lot of kids who've attended our programs are familiar with them, and they're familiar with delivering programs that are developmentally appropriate."

The camps are open for kids aged six to 12, as long as they have completed a year of kindergarten. Parents are also encouraged to enroll their children in as many weeks of virtual summer camps as they want, as there is no limit on occupency.

Check out The Boys and Girls Club of Cochrane And Area website to register for the free, online Summer camps.