The quiet hamlet of Bragg Creek was understandably startled and unnerved when the Calgary Police Service executed a training exercise on private property in the hamlet. No approval was sought or given for such an exercise which led to scared confusion on the part of residents. The incident happened earlier this week with residents being subjected to the sounds of explosive devices and gunfire. The fact that no one knew what was going on at the time, led to a high degree of anxiety for residents in the hamlet. The phones started ringing in the county office. Needless, to say Rocky View County is not pleased.

Friday, June 6, Rocky View County issued a press release saying, “Calgary Police training exercise upsets Bragg Creek”.

County Reeve, Greg Boehlke was more than just a little put off by the whole incident saying, “It’s very unfortunate. An agency as well trained and well established as the Calgary Police Service should certainly know that they cannot do things like that. You can’t actually blame the police that was out there. It’s whoever their bosses are that dropped the ball big time. To take it upon themselves that they can go into another jurisdiction without letting anyone know or even asking permission.

Naturally, the residents have been reaching out to Council with questions and concerns about the disturbing detonation sounds. The landowner has apologized for upsetting anyone, but Reeve Boehlke wants to hear from Calgary. He says, “I certainly will pen a letter to the Mayor and the Police Chief to let them know we are extremely disappointed that our relationship doesn’t warrant any kind of a heads up or even going through the proper channels.”

It will be interesting to see if Reeve Boehlke receives a response to his letter.