It's been a whirlwind of a year for Airdrie's Brandon Lorenzo, in a year that's been slower for most.

He was nominated for two Country Music Alberta Awards (CMAB) in the categories Horizon Male artist and Fans Choice, and he also performed at the awards show.

He's also released a brand new song and a music video. 

Lorenzo says he tried to make the best of things right from the start of the pandemic. 

"One day I just decided I'm just going to go out on the street in the cul de sac where I am, and kind of play for the neighbours around the area. So they all kind of came out, they all social distanced, and you know they they watched me play and I had a thought, you know, why don't I make these my Facebook live concerts. I'll just set up on the street, I'll set up a little camera and we'll just kind of go from there."

"They turned into something that I thought they never would. We ended up doing a street concert every Friday night from probably about the end of April till just the tail end of August and that's kind of how we stayed practiced for one, but then stayed busy as an artist and we actually ended up getting a lot of gigs from that."

He recently released his latest song Kissin' in the Kitchen.

"It's a fun song. It's written by Aaron Goodvin and John King and we had produced that with Dan Davidson as well. You know when I first heard that song it was actually, before I released Spread Some Good Time Around, I had already had Kissin' in the Kitchen in mind because we had heard this back in 2019, and I ran into Aaron Goodvin and I had chatted about the song and I ran into him after one of his shows at the Calgary Stampede. And I said to him you know I really like that Kissin' in the Kitchen that you have and if you'd let me record it, I'd love it and of course he immediately said yes."

"I never knew that COVID was going to happen so the whole meaning of Kissin' in the Kitchen really just turned into something that I think became a lot more relevant for people than I think what it could have been if we did release it earlier on, because we wanted to do this whole thing with it and then that whole meaning of Kissin' in the Kitchen took on a whole new meaning as people were stuck at home."

What's next for Lorenzo? He's just finishing up his Bachelor of Education degree and he's hoping to keep on performing his music in front of audiences.

"We are going to continue to do those live-streamed street concerts as well. We're actually starting them up again on Friday. And we do have a couple call outs for bookings if anybody is interested."