When Breanna Correia was selected to be the Cochrane Lions Rodeo Queen In 2019, there was no way she could have imagined she'd be filling the shoes for three years. 

Breanna originally anticipated being Rodeo Queen for 2020, but then the pandemic happen. It was only at this year's Labour Day Weekend Rodeo that the crown was passed on.

Lion president Chris Connon, also rodeo co-chair, says Breanna was graceful enough to continue to fulfill the role through the ups and downs of the pandemic. Recently, the club presented her with a scholarship to thank her for her service.

"The club really wanted to give back to her, because, man, she was organizing her personal life around events for a long time. She'd switch a shift at work, only to have the event fall through and lose out on that shift at work. She'd miss out on family functions and all kinds of friends time because it was a maybe or something came up and we needed her to go to it," says Connon. 

"This is just our club's way to say thank you. She stuck it out through thick and thin with us for three years and she could have gone to any other competition again after 2020, but stayed with us and has been a great ambassador."

Breanna says she has no regrets.

"I enjoyed every minute of it," she says. "This is such a special community to me as well as the Lions. It was more than worth it to spend the three years with you guys and with the rodeo. It's really cool that even though I'm not from here, this rodeo really feels like my home rodeo."

Breanna isn't hanging up her hat completely. She's now managing the social media for the Lions Royalty Committee after being asked just before turning over her crown to the new Rodeo Queen Kyla Lightfoot.

"When I took off my crown, they handed me a name tag to join the board."