Many people upgrade their phones, tablets, and other devices every couple of years, but what happens to the old devices? Big Hill Lodge is hoping that Cochranites will donate their working tech to residents.

Jessica Bateman from Big Hill Lodge says they have big plans for the donated devices. “We have a couple of ideas in the works for different activities, games that involve technology, and also we want to try and get some seniors a little more comfortable using the technology that they don't know how to use because it can be pretty intimidating.”

“Technology is something that's really important to be connected with our friends and our family, and it's a good tool to have if you don't have a lot to do.”

She says that the devices could go a long way in connecting their residents with their family and friends.

“We can't just go to someone's house and like grandkids, kids can’t just come over to Grandma's house at the Lodge because we're trying to keep everyone safe. Technology is huge for just being connected and kind of promoting that sort of mental well-being.”

Starting today, you can drop off your device in a bin set up at the entrance to Big Hill Lodge. Devices should be in good, working condition and be cleared of all personal data.