If you've been out and about enjoying the warmer spring temperatures, you have probably noticed that the mosquitos are also out in full swing!

Warmer temperatures also mean that the mosquito season has arrived, and that has a lot of people wondering if they can spread COVID-19.

Alberta’s Chief Medical doctor Dr. Deena Hinshaw has been hearing many questions and concerns, so she took to social media to bring some clarification.

Hinshaw says "To date, there is no information or evidence that suggests [COVID-19] is transmitted by mosquitoes, It's a respiratory virus spread through droplets in an infected person's saliva/nasal discharge when they cough, sneeze or talk."

Although there is no evidence to support the spread of COVID-19 through mosquitos, Hinshaw says that other mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile can spread, and are still of concern here in Alberta. Hinshaw recommends taking typical precautions such as wearing mosquito repellant, long sleeves and pants.