Cochrane's Citizens On Patrol (COP) is looking for volunteers.

The local chapter has been operating in the Cochrane area since 1994, and counts on community minded volunteers to keep our streets and community crime free.

Tyler, President for Cochrane Citizens on Patrol, says the volunteer group is like a crime prevention program.

"We have members that go out on patrol and assist RCMP and make sure everything seems nice and safe, if there is any issues we have direct contact to the RCMP to make sure everything is handled."

During its time, Treasurer COP, Keith, says the group has been able to alert authorities including an arson at one of the local schools, a number of attempted break ins, and aiding in finding persons of interest.

The group not only looks for crime; but also manages barricades at many local events and hosts speed watches in communities of concern.

In order to keep the organization thriving, Tyler shares they need additional help.

"We are looking for around 40 members, we would like to have 20 teams that can patrol a minimum of four nights a week if not more."

Keith says the beauty of the program is you can join with your spouse or friend, but also as an individual who is willing to help; you also have the ability to schedule your own patrol to best suit your lifestyle.

"We have an online schedule program so if you're bored one evening you can come to our office and pick up your equipment and go out on patrol whenever you wish."

With an explosion of population over the past couple years, Citizens on Patrol has become that much busier.

"When we first started Cochrane we maybe only did 50 km a night on our patrols, now with the expansion of the town we probably rack up 70 to 80 km a night on our patrol of driving."

If you have some hours you could spare, you can contact COP here.