The beef industry is continuing its recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown.

Brian Perillat is a senior analyst with Canfax.

"I think plants are doing really well. They continue to be processing cattle near or at capacity, the pre-COVID capacity. Throwing in some Saturday shifts as well. We've been actually processing more fed cattle the last few weeks than a year ago. That's been really positive news for the industry. We still continue to have a bit of backlog but for the most part, I'd say feedlots are in pretty good shape."

He says the feeder market remains fairly strong.

"Fed cattle market continues to be under pressure with the cattle around well below a year ago...On the other hand, the feeder market continues to be quite resilient, I guess you could say. Some of the yearlings are a little bit below a year ago."

Perrilat notes the Canadian dollar has been creeping up near 75 cents U.S.

He gives the Cattle Market Report on Thursday at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference.