Reg Schellenberg says he's honoured to take on the role as he moves from the director's chair to the President's chair at the Canadian Cattlemen's Association board table.

Schellenberg was acclaimed at the Canadian Cattlemen's Association AGM in Ottawa last week.

He was first elected to represent Saskatchewan on the board in 2010 and takes on the role of President after he served as CCA’s Vice President, and director, zone chairman, and member of the Executive for the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA).

First elected as a director to the CCA in 2010, Schellenberg served as co-chair of the Foreign Trade Committee from 2020 to 2022, and co-chaired the Animal Health and Care Committee with Pat Hayes from 2016 to 2020. He also represents CCA on the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA).

Prior to the creation of the Animal Health and Care Committee, Schellenberg chaired the Animal Care Committee.

He now takes on the role of President from Bob Lowe, who remains on the board as Past President and chair of the Public and Stakeholder Engagement Program.

Schellenberg says there are a number of key issues to tackle, from creating a Foot and Mouth vaccine bank, to increasing market access for Canadian beef and maintaining traceability programs for the containment and eradication of animal disease.

He says another priority for the group is enhancing the current suite of business risk management programs.

"Although, we really appreciate and support the livestock price insurance program. We realize the biggest inequity is the fact that the premiums are not cost shared. That'll be our big focus to get LPIP as a cost shared premium just like all other insurance."

Another issue the CCA is taking an active role on is climate change.

"Canadian Cattlemen are definitely wanting to be right up front and promoting the fact that ranchers and cattle producers across this country are maintaining and utilizing stewardship practices that are enhancing the ecosystem . Definitely, cattle are the solution, not the problem, and that's the key message that we want to emphasize with the federal government."

He notes while in Ottawa for the AGM they took the opportunity to meet with government officials and MP's.

Schellenberg says as he moves into the role of CCA President, he'll follow the most important advice that he received when he was first elected to represent Saskatchewan on the CCA Board - Remember your roots and the people you represent.

Schellenberg ranches with his wife Shannon, his son Coy and his daughter-in-law Lauralie in Beechy (Saskatchewan).