Canadian Independent Bookstore Day is on Saturday, April 24, 2021, and Evexia Travel & Books is shining the spotlight on local authors and books.

Julia Lutchman, Owner of Evexia Travel & Books says they have lots to do this Saturday. “We have seven local authors that are going to be coming in throughout the day, each on a one-hour time slot, to be able to do a bit of a reading and chat about the books and just about life” 

“We also have some free books that we're just giving away to those who have registered to come in and chat with the local authors, and also have a couple of prize draws for brand new books and some little goodies.”

Local authors and speakers in attendance this weekend include :

  • David Irvine 

  • Carey Wilkinson Lee

  • Katherine Dell 

  • Shelly Campbell

  • Candi Werenka

  • Carey Wilkinson

  • Heather Kerr

  • Lisa Elle

  • Nancy M Bell

COVID-19 restrictions will be in place and she says the final product depends on the weather.

“We're hoping that we're going to be holding this event outdoors and we're asking everybody to register, just so that we can navigate the numbers and keep everybody as safe as possible. If it does look like it's going to be a very unpleasant day we'll be reaching out to those that have registered and we're gonna have to do a little bit of adjusting because we'll have it inside and we'll make sure that everybody is keeping to the 15% capacity and allowing space and staying safe.”

Lutchman says that being an independent bookstore here in Cochrane has been great.

“It's actually a lot of fun. It's been rewarding. It's been challenging, it's constantly changing and growing me. But it is, it's fantastic actually. I love it.”

For more details and registration for Saturday’s event, go here.