Area musicians have joined to perform a memorable concert to Celebrate Cochrane that will be aired tonight, Sunday, June 28, at 7 p.m.

Yesterday afternoon the majority of them gathered at St. Andrew's United Church to record live off the floor by the technical team of Allan Buckingham, of Banff, and Cochrane's Jason Cote.

Having the opportunity to get a glimpse of the show that streams tonight, we can tell you it will be a night to remember.

You can view it by clicking here.

Featured are Saucie, Lisa Bettensen, 4 Good, Marty Cochrane & Doug Tarrant, Martin Russell, Oleana, and the Travelling Mabels. The evening is emceed by Cochrane's Marni Fedeyko.

Intermingled will be video highlights of our local agencies at work during the pandemic.

Steve Clement, of the long-time brass and woodwind ensemble Saucie, says the assembly didn't hesitate to become part of the performance. Saucie stands for St. Andrew's United Church Instrument Ensemble.

"I think it's fantastic. It's a great way to celebrate Cochrane and pull a lot of energy and enthusiasm from the community together. It's wonderful that through Ray Goodship and St. Andy's that we can help put everything together here."

The seeds were planted early in the pandemic and by late May the pieces began to fall into place.