"Farmers are pleased to see the government respond so promptly to the looming shortage of agri-food workers and we are committed to working with all the appropriate agencies and departments to ensure their entry maintains strict public health protocols to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The top of mind for Canadian farmers is ensuring the safety and health of all Canadians. The next top priority is ensuring a constant food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic for all Canadians" said CFA President, Mary Robinson.

"We are still reviewing the details and will be in close contact with all relevant departments and industry stakeholders over the coming days to ensure these workers arrive safely and on time, while responsibly adhering to all public health requirements. We commend the government's quick reaction, ensuring the continued resilience of the Canadian food supply during these difficult times", added Robinson.

There are still many details to be worked through, but the CFA says it looks forward to working with public health officials and other key stakeholders to address the logistical challenges associated with this effort and ensure all necessary measures are taken.