Cochrane's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Julian deCocq, is officially retiring June 30 which means Cochrane's senior leadership team will see some big changes.

Current Deputy CAO, Lori Craig, is also retiring, but for the interim will move into deCocq's role while council looks to hire a new Chief Administrative Officer.

Moving into the Deputy CAO position on July 1, is longtime Town of Cochrane employee Suzanne Gaida, who is currently named 'Senior Manager Community Services.'

"I  am looking forward to it, I have had 23 years with the Town of Cochrane so far and my career opportunities have certainly been heading toward this. I am excited to have this opportunity and take on this extra role with a more political level with council and the community."

Gaida will still have a hand in supporting community services but now her role will become broader.

"My responsibilities will be more higher level where I am supporting all of the senior leaders; so all the the senior managers in their respective portfolios. Really it is around planning and development, infrastructure, communications, HR, legislative services all those areas; having a bit broader of a vision for the town as an organization and helping with council and the community."

It is an exciting time for the town as there will be lots of transition this fall.

"They are currently recruiting for a CAO so we will have a new person at the helm by the end of the year plus a new council; so it is an exciting time for Cochrane with the growth and all the opportunities we have."

Gaida believes the CAO posting closed end of May, and the current council will look to hire deCocq's successor before the election.