Mayor Jeff Genung was actually the first person to show up today as we waited in front of Cochrane High, but he was just popping by to say hi on his lunch break.

Chelsey Berreth is the winner of this week's Fireside Pharmacy's Backpack of Cash. 

Candace announced where Eric and I were, and it only took Chelsey a couple of minutes to get to us.

She rolled into the school parking lot, honking her horn, hoping she was first.

The Cochranite got her hands on a cool, crisp $100 bill and says she plans to take half of it and spend it on herself, and use the other half to finish buying back-to-school items for her three kids. 

Make sure you're listening next Tuesday at 11:40 a.m. to find out where we will be, and be the first to find us and instantly win $100!

~ Lauren

Mayor Jeff Genung