International reaction is growing after a case of atypical BSE was found in a 8 1/2 year old cow in Central Alberta last month.

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Executive Vice President Dennis Laycraft says it shows our surveillance system is working.

He says almost anywhere in the world you'll eventually find an atypical case occur spontaneously:

"The OIE very specifically indicates its different. When you find in a typical case, it does not affect your status at all. And really countries should not impose any, any restrictions or suspensions, but we're still living with some previous roles where a few suspensions usually very, very short period of time take place."

South Korea suspended its quarantine inspections of Canadian Beef, while China and the Philippines are also looking for more information on the case and have temporarily suspended imports.

Laycraft is optimistic that after they review the information being sent from the CFIA they will lift any restrictions.

Reports show that China had previously banned beef imports from Brazil in September of last year after a couple of atypical BSE cases were discovered there, imports would later be resumed in December.