The home at 20 Bow Point is owned by Steve and Stella Fonnyadt. The beautiful Christmas light display that won first place in the Big Hill Lodge contest was a family affair. Emily Gordon, the Fonnyadt's daughter says the whole family goes over and helps with the two-day endeavor of getting the lights put up. Emily says she has been helping her Dad since she was a young girl on the outside of the house and her Mom is responsible for decorating inside.  

The family took a couple of years off from the extreme decorating, but received notes on their doorstep, pleading for them to do it again. So the family stepped up. Emily says, "It's good for the town and community and especially for the kids."

Congratulations go to 2nd place winner Charlotte Toner at 153 Baird Ave and 3rd place winner Michele Somerville at 6 Bow Close.