Keeping the Coronavirus at bay and avoiding getting sick is at the top of everyone's mind these days. 

Late self-described psychic Sylvia Browne had predicted years ago that a severe pneumonia-like virus will spread quickly throughout the globe in the year 2020. 

So we reached out to Clairvoyant Kim Dennis to find out her thoughts. 

Dennis says she remembers having a feeling that things would escalate quickly when she first heard of COVID-19. 

"I remember saying to my boyfriend that this is going to get out of control. I just felt like there was going to be a lot of hysteria around it."

She says she thinks it's going to go away as quickly as it came.

"I think it's going to go away probably as quickly as it happened. I probably think within the next couple of week or by the end of the month. I just kind of feel like we'll probably move past this. I live in downtown Calgary and the shelves are empty of tin goods and the lineups were so big in the grocery stores yesterday and I couldn't get anything."

She says she doesn't expect this to be as deadly as some are concerned that it could be. 

"You have to be cautious about stuff like that but I didn't get a sense of a lot of people passing away from it and I think because people are being cautious and if you're not feeling well you should stay home, but you should do that anyway."

Dennis who is just recovering from a bad cold and was recently cleared of COVID-19 says she works closely with people when she does her one-on-one readings and she plans to hold off on hugging people for the time being unless they really need one. 

She also adds she thinks the virus will be gone just as quickly as it came on. 

Dennis will be in Cochrane next week on March 19 and again on May 5 doing readings. 

For more information and to book a reading with her go here.