With wildfires causing evacuations in the MD of Bighorn, many residents not only need to seek shelter for themselves but also their animals and livestock.

The Cochrane Ag Society is a designated emergency centre and General Manager, Molly Sapergia says that they have some animals already on site. “We’ve got seven horses here right now and I think the goats and sheep have arrived. We have gotten a call about chickens and I’ve had three or four more calls about horses.”

“We have our big barn that, you know, runs parallel to the 1A, the big white barn. The sheep and goats are going to go into the outside pens”

While this service is completely free in times of emergency, Sapergia is asking people to supply food if they can. “ We’re not charging for this, We’re hoping they can bring their own feed. If they have an absolute emergency, we can provide hay and we’ve got lots of water so that’s not a problem. We don’t have much hay.”

Donations of food would be accepted as well.

Anyone needing help can contact the Cochrane Ag Society by calling 403-909-3250. Garcia Rescue is also offering support for animals including cats and dogs and can be reached at 403-688-0103.