It is becoming apparent that an unsettling correlation between the stressors of the COVID 19 pandemic and a rise in domestic violence is making for a very dangerous situation for some.

According to Lauren Delahunt, Executive Director of Cochrane and Area Victim Services, "Locally we are not seeing marked increase yet", but Delahunt says, "I think it's a fair assessment that we will most likely see an increase in domestic violence in the coming weeks or months." 

Economic stress and forced isolation are the fertile ground from which domestic violence can grow.  Fortunately, our community has a supportive organization that can provide crisis support that is just a computer click or phone call away. Delahunt points out that it isn't about one person escaping an abusive situation, it is about a community providing the ability for that to happen. For everyone to learn about the issue and being able to recognize a bad situation and knowing how to help. Their motto is "Empowering Victims and Restoring Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow, by providing crisis response, support, information, and referral services to individuals, families, and communities." 

There is a wealth of information to be found at and no one should ever feel that they are alone even if they are isolated from support and peer groups during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Delahunt says that domestic violence tends to be one of the services most active files,but the service is for all forms of crisis that may be experienced:

  • Family Violence – Domestic Violence
  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Homicide
  • Harassment and Stalking
  • Break and Enter – Court Information
  • Elder abuse
  • Theft/Fraud
  • Suicide
  • Sudden Death

Help and support is one click away.

Cochrane & Area Victim Services
359 1st Street East, Cochrane, AB T4C 1Y7
Ph: 403-851-8055

24/7 Distress Line 403-266-HELP (4357)