As local businesses adjust to the new normals of  COVID 19, the Cochrane Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to provide supports to local businesses in these trying times.  Chamber president, Kelly Sinclair says, "There still is a lot of optimism in our Cochrane business community which is really great to see. As much as we can't plan or predict or forecast what is going on, people still have a lot of optimism and that, I believe, is supported by our local residents really doing a great job of keeping it local and supporting our local businesses. allows residents to explore which businesses have taken the pledge to open and to follow AHS guidelines which keep customers and staff's safety first. 

If you have a business that is not on you can go the chamber website to register at

Sinclair says, "The role of the chamber is to encourage the people to support the businesses that we have. We need to maintain our thriving community and support the local businesses and services that are here so that they can stay here." 

The Chamber president says that they are also working very hard at facilitating collaboration between businesses. Helping to get everyone together to "discuss the challenges that they have. To hear about ways the chamber can support, the town can support and they can support each other." For example, they have started a restaurant roundtable so food industry businesses are able to get together. It is hosted by Mehtab owner, Jag Thind the vice-president of the Cochrane Chamber.

Sinclair adds, "We would be more than happy to see these kinds of activities happening in other industries, and it's even when the industries start to come together across different types of businesses that's where innovation really comes from." 

The Chamber doesn't want any business to feel like they are weathering this storm alone. The pandemic is impacting everyone and the Chamber hopes to provide as much support as possible. Sinclair encourages businesses in the community that are looking to connect to reach out. You can email Kelly Sinclair directly at to get started with connecting and collaborating with others.