It is a go for businesses that qualify for phase one to move ahead with the relaunch. However, that does not mean that businesses are expected to open immediately, they have a choice to do so when they feel they are ready.

Cochrane Chamber of Commerce President, Kelly Sinclair says the overall tone from Cochrane businesses is, "What I would call measured optimism. It’s a good sign that we are able to get back to business. There is also a lot of caution being taken on behalf of businesses and we are seeing some businesses that are choosing not to reopen yet, they don’t necessarily feel ready to do that. I think that is a good thing to be aware of is that phase one does not mean everything is back to the way it used to be."

The Chamber’s motto: ”Is committed to advocacy, education, and supporting local businesses.” The Chamber is also part of the Economic Task Force that was created to help Cochrane navigate the issues of post-pandemic times. Sinclair says, "The economic recovery task force met for the first time last week and what we have made a decision regarding is that there will be a short, medium, and long term strategy on how the group can support businesses and economic recovery in Cochrane." Of course, more concrete strategies will be realized in future meetings.  

Businesses that are allowed to reopen in Cochrane are retail businesses like clothing, furniture, and book stores. All farmers' market vendors, hairstyling, and barbershops. As well as, cafés, restaurants, pubs, and bars for table service at 50% capacity. However, as Sinclair points out, it is more about opening safely than just opening. "What’s really most important is the confidence of the staff, in terms of the safety of everybody in the business and making sure that the safety of all of the potential customers and patrons is also the top priority."