The Cochrane Chamber of Commerce, and all chambers across the province, are working with the provincial government to distribute rapid tests to local businesses that request them.

Kelly Carson, Executive Director for the Cochrane Chamber of Commerce says they are just in the process of getting the rapid test kits in hand.

Carson points out that the Chamber is just the distributor of the testing kits and if a local business would like to receive them they will need to contact the chamber.

The tests are available to all businesses in Cochrane, not just chamber members, and they are free of charge.

Carson says, “Tests are only for employees and employers, not for the average person going into the store.”

It is up to the business owners or managers to become aware of the testing process through online training. They will also be responsible for obtaining and utilizing all the proper PPE.

Carson says that there were a lot of questions raised by the various chambers during a town meeting with AHS as to the logistics and execution of the rollout.

There is quite a bit of paperwork and reporting involved. For example, if a business reports a positive test it has to be reported to the chamber, which in turn reports it to the government.

Carson is confident that they will be up and running soon and says, “It’s a good program, again anything that will protect our community is something that we want to do and we think the chamber is probably as good as anyone to do it.”

If you are a business that would like to access the rapid test kits you can contact the Cochrane Chamber of Commerce at 403-932-0320 or email at