The Cochrane Crush East AA Baseball team will be heading to Alberta District 3 Championships after defeating the Cochrane Crush West on Saturday June 19, 17-5.

This is the second time the two Cochrane teams have had to play each other, Elliot Searle, Head Coach of Cochrane Crush East, says the team would have rather played anyone else in the district for the position.

"It's kind of unfortunate that we had to play each other," he shares. "We wound up in the same pool as each other for playoffs, it's not a good feeling for either team to be playing a Cochrane team, we'd rather play a Calgary team."

Although it was disappointing for two Cochrane teams to have to battle for playoffs, Searle explains it's a testament to what baseball has become in town.

"There are 18 teams in Alberta District 3, all in the National Level, Cochrane Crush East was in first in regular season standings, and Crush West was in third. It's a pretty big deal because we play associations across Calgary, so the other 16 teams have a population pool of over 100,000 people to pull from, whereas we pull from Cochrane's population."

District 3 Championships will take place on Thursday June 23, the winner will head to regionals.

Searle says the team is strong, so they're not making any adjustments before the big game.

"My guys are a super solid team, there are no superstars , they all play as a team, there is nothing that we need to change, we just need to keep doing what we're doing."