While many sports in Cochrane kicked off this month, Snap Dance Studios just wrapped up its intense competition season.

Traveling to various events in the Cochrane area, Calgary, and even Lake Louise, Studio Director Alison Stutz says they had one specific mission this season. 

“Our motto for this year and for our kids is grateful, strong, and proud. We're grateful for being able to finally perform for a live audience again and for the opportunities that we have, especially after the last two years.”

“We want the kids to recognize the resilience that they've shown through the last two years to get them here and then just be proud of themselves, proud for getting up there, for the work that they've done.”

While the return to normalcy for the dancers was paramount, after months of building and practicing routines, Stutz says Snap got some big wins this season. 

“We had a few of our dancers win some scholarships at the end of the events, which as you know, is always exciting to see for them. One of our senior dancers actually won a month of training in London, England over the summer.”

“At the Extreme Dance Challenge in Calgary and we had five of our routines advance to the dance-off, which is an event at the end of the weekend, where the top routines of the events come together to rally it out.”

The latest competition, Shy Ann Dance Lake Louise 2022 saw several Cochrane dancers walk away with first-place awards and Adjudicators Choice.


"I don't even know if I can put into words how wonderful of a thing is to see the kids thrive, and to have the opportunities to be back on stage. I think we're all just really grateful even more so for our community and for the opportunities that we have had this year.”