For many students in Cochrane, today and tomorrow are the first days of classes and that means motorists, parents, and children need to be extra cautious.

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says everyone needs to remember the return of school zones. "School zones are back in effect, and it's 30 kilometres. There's a lot of excited kids running across the road and saying goodbye to their parents and everything like that."

"Look both ways before you start driving at a stop sign with a crosswalk, make sure there are no late stragglers. Anytime you're in a school zone, obey that 30 kilometres an hour."

School drop-off zones are expected to be extra busy as many parents drive their children on the first day. Common school parking offenses include parking within 5 metres of a crosswalk, parking on the wrong side of the street, and parking in a no-parking area.

Cochranites can expect delays in areas with schools over the next few days and plan accordingly.