Product 12 is a local film production team that has been making waves in the festival world.

The team came out as the winner of audience choice and second place for best picture at the Calgary Underground 48-hour Film Festival. They submitted a short film shot in Cochrane titled Pastry Problems.

“You can't really plan ahead because you don't know what genre you're gonna get,” explains Tristan Tilma with Product 12 and director of Pastry Problems. ”You don't know what props you're gonna get and the prop also has to be a main focus of your short.”

“You get no pre-planning time except for maybe knowing where you can shoot and that's really about it.”

“The genre we got was a heist movie and then the cake was our prop. We basically had to quickly figure out and write a little short film to include all of those and get it all done, shot and edited by Sunday.”

Running off of little sleep and an emergency visit to Cochrane Urgent Care, the group was able to submit a full short film by the deadline.

product 12

“We came second for best picture, which is chosen by three people,” says Liam Young, 1st AC on the project. “But we got Audience Choice, you have to win over a majority of the 300-person audience that was there.”

Product 12 plans to keep the momentum going by entering more festivals and competitions.

“We want to be recognized by the bigger industry and produce actual films is the whole idea. For right now, it's just trying to get a little bit of traction locally and get our name out there.”

product 12Liam Young, Arden Lowe and Tristan Tilma visiting the 91.5FM CochraneNow studio