It's the first heat wave of the summer and as residents look for ways to stay cool, Cochrane's fire chief is reminding the public that prevention is key to really beat the heat.  

Shawn Polley said taking measures to stay cool is extremely important when the temperature gets above 30 degrees Celsius.  

"Staying hydrated and finding cooling locations. That might be a business or location where you can find the air conditioning on. Or you can go down to the library and have a new experience there." 

"If it's too hot for you, it's also too hot for your pets."

"Look out for your animals and your pets, so keep them inside." said Polley. "Hydration, sunscreen, reapply every two hours, especially if you're outside. Wear a hat, sunglasses, any of those types of things."

Many residents look to the Bow River as a way to find relief from the heat. 

Polley said it's important to know your limits before going into the river. 

"Stay within your swimming limits, avoid strong currents. That's where we talk about dipping your toes in the Bow River versus jumping in. Especially down by the Jim Uffelmann Park, there are areas that are quite deep into the river, so really be aware and mindful of where you are in the river." 

The important thing to remember before going into the river is to make sure you have a properly fitted life jacket on, said Polley.

"Most retail stores that sell lifejackets or personal floatation devices, they'll actually be able to fit you at the store. There's also a lot of instructions on the back of the lifejacket you can read those and find exactly the right fit for you and your children. And that's really important as children grow, it's maybe the anticipation to get something a little bit bigger for them so they can have it for a couple years but really the advice would be not to do that. Have them in a properly fitted lifejacket for the size they are right now."

He adds "Never swim alone and always keep young children within arm's reach with you in the water, especially in the Bow River."

The fire department experiences an increase in calls with the extreme heat.

"We do see a bit of an upturn. Because it is Stampede Week, we know lots of folks are enjoying the Stampede down in Calgary and they may come home after a really long hot day and perhaps didn't stay as hydrated or have a hat on, then we will help support some of those first response criteria. But really, I think what we really want to talk about is a whole bunch of prevention in that you can do that by being safe."