It's common knowledge to most Cochranites that the award winning movie The Revenant was filmed close by, in areas in Kananaskis Country and Canmore, but there's also a direct link to Cochrane.

A few of the props used in the movie were created right here in town, at Saffron Collective Studio's.

About a year ago, Nicole Snider, the studio owner, was approached by film makers that found her on google. They were looking for a local potter to make props for some scenes. Snider was suprised to get the call.

"He called me out of the blue," she says. "He said he was a movie set director, and asked me if I was interesing in doing some things, it was very cool."

The set director requested the studio make 25 to 30 pots that looked antiquated, it took a large team to complete.

"Myself, a lady named Beatrice and a couple other members made them, we made them look a little bit more authentic, so they didn't look like they were pumped out of a factory."

Creating pottery that looked like it was from a different era involved taking a few abnormal steps.

"We made them very authentic, North American, 1800's primitive pottery, so a lot of things built with your hands not using the pottery wheel. There was also a very primitive firing, there wasnt any glaze used."

Snider explains if you're looking, it may be hard to find a piece of local pottery in the movie, sometimes she even misses them herself.

"You really have to be looking for them, because they are very much a backdrop. They're in very dark scenes, generally lying on the ground outside of huts, most of them are broken, so its hard to distinguish what your looking for. Even making them you get wrapped up in the movie and you forget to look at the props."

She says although they're just a backdrop, she's pretty sure Leonardo DiCaprio has touched them, and that's pretty neat.