Cochrane High School administration is now in day two of their quest to visit the home of each of their graduating students to remind them they are special, and to encourage them to be part of a spectacular YouTube Live celebration on June 19.

When you have 216 graduates from Cochrane and it's surrounding area, that's no simple feat.

"The administration staff is driving to each graduating student's home, honking and celebrating them and dropping off their diploma and their hats and everything, so every single grad has the opportunity to be celebrated." says teacher Dustin Whetton, who tagged along behind the Cochrane High van making deliveries yesterday.

"Our students are sprinkled all over the place. They're taking three days because they don't believe they can do it in one day."

The school staff is going all out preparing the YouTube Live celebration.

"We've poured so much into this because we thought these kids were cheated. It is what it is, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be celebrated."

Whetton and fellow teacher Tom Knitter, who is a Cochrane High grad, will be the hosts.

"We've been recording so many celebrate guests who want to say congratulations to our guests, including Jann Arden, Dillion Dube, and some RCMP staff who are coming by to celebrate our students."

They are hopeful each grad will submit a 10-second video clip that will be included in the live stream.

"This means absolutely nothing if the students aren't the main focus of it," says Whetton.

They have a set a soft deadline of June 15, but Whetton says because this is so important, they are willing to be flexible.

"To be honest, we don't care if we have to stay up to 2 in the morning the day before. If they send it in, it will be in there."