The Leadership team at Cochrane High School has come up with a unique way to help keep local families fed. 

They're holding a food drive right now with a goal of raising 3000 lbs of food. But what makes this food drive unique is how the more food donations the students bring in, the longer their teacher will have to walk on his hands. 

Dustin Whetton says I love fitness and I do CrossFit, and part of competing in CrossFit is walking on your hands. 

"I thought it might be cool to walk on my hands in our longest hallway that we have in the school which just so happens to be 350 feet. So we thought, hey, what if for every foot we raise 10 pounds worth of food, so that's how we came to our number of 3000 pounds worth of food."

He says walking on his hands is a fun thing for him to do but he's hoping it'll spark some inspiration as well. 

"Walking on my hands, when I say it, a lot of kids sort of see it as this crazy challenge, this somewhat kind of an impossible thing and I think that the narrative is sometimes we have to band together to do these seemingly impossible things to benefit our community, to do something great in our community. It sort of went hand-in-hand with that, I wanted to show the kids that when you do work together you can do things that might seem impossible or seem like they can't be done."

Whetton says if they surpass their goal and raise well over 3000 pounds of food, that means more laps up and down the hallway on his hands. But he does say that the handstand walk isn't going to be fully unbroken. He can take breaks as long as he starts up again where he stops.

Handstand for Hunger

Classes in the school are competing against each other to raise as much food donations as they can but members from the community are welcome to drop off food donations to the school until Nov. 24. 

He says the donations will go to the Cochrane Food Bank, the Morley Food Bank and the Calgary Food Bank. 

The Cochrane Activettes Food Bank is hoping for donations of non perishable food items including canned fruit and veggies, juice, peanut butter and toilet paper.