This Saturday, February 20th, marks the sixth annual Cochrane Job Fair.

Offering a place for employers to meet potential employees, the job fair has over 200 different job postings from 14 potential employers.

Robert Kalinovich, Town of Cochrane Economic Development Officer, said the job fair is unique as it focuses on local Cochrane jobs while holding it in the spring, seems to be when most businesses are looking for help.

"There is a lot of hiring that goes on in the spring for seasonal work. So of course there are landscaping and golf course jobs but there are some professional positions available as well. So depending on what somebody's profession is, what their career is, there could be a variety of things."

Kalinovich commented that it is a great opportunity to meet potential managers and human resources personnel face to face. Kalinovich said to bring your resume, wear your best clothes, and be prepared that some employers may conduct a mini pre-interview on the spot.

"Check the Cochrane website and see the employers there so that if you need to maybe tailor your resume or cover letter a little bit to the particular employer there, then that is a great opportunity to do that before you arrive."

Even if the job posting is not exactly what you are looking for Kalinovich mentioned that many employers may have a better suited job in the future.

"Sometimes there is other hiring that goes on in the coming months that maybe those vacancies are not necessarily posted right up front. There might be other opportunities as well."

Kailonvich said he is curious to see the turnout this year as there are fewer employers than usual.

"It is not because they're either letting go or that their not hiring, but maybe they are hiring fewer people or they only have a couple of vacancies open and they already have a number of resumes that have already come in. It's not that everybody's necessarily cutting back and laying off but maybe the demand for filling vacancies is not quite what it was in the past few years."

Cochrane Employment Services will also be on hand and offer an opportunity to review people's resumes and cover letters.

"They will have a little booth where you can ask their advice on it, if you are looking for hints and ways to improve your resume or to better showcase your skills."

The Cochrane Job Fair runs 10 am until 2 pm at the Cochrane Ranche House.

For a complete list of employers you will find it here.

Marni Fedeyko -