We're just two weeks away and the excitement continues to build for the first in-person Cochrane Light Up since 2019. 

The hot dogs will be there, fire pits will be crackling, Christmas music will be playing throughout historic downtown and thousands of people are expected to kick off the holiday season together like only Cochranites can. 

Light Up chair Stephenie Shelstad says the evening will be full of activities for the whole family, with the light show ending off the event at 7:30 p.m.

And they just confirmed some really exciting news. 

"In the beginning when we had asked Home Treasures for the $15,000 for the lights, which they gave us, I also added that being this my final year I really wanted to go out with a bang and they gave us another $10,000 so we're going to have a $10,000 pyrotechnics show that will go along with the light show."

"It starts out at 7:30 at the end of the night. It will be around the centre hub, where the light show always is and it will be a fantastic pyrotechnics show with music going on for 10 minutes."

Shelstad says the lights from the pyrotechnic show won't go up quite as high as fireworks do, so it's important to be downtown for the show. 

She says there's still lots of opportunities for businesses to get involved by sponsoring lamp poles or tents and there's plenty of volunteer positions available. 

You can contact organizers at cochranelightup@gmail.com.

"Because Home Treasures has been so grateful and so generous we actually are naming them our partners this year."