You may have heard of the Lioness Club, but do you really know what they do for the community?

The mandate of the Cochrane Lioness group is simple, "We Serve".  The Lioness Club is part of the Lions Clubs International which is the largest service organization in the world. 

You can thank the Lionesses for fundraisers such as the Mom to Mom sale, Christmas Bake Sale, Cochrane Rodeo, to name a few.  This organization is made up of volunteers and 100% of profits made from these events go right back into the community.  Besides their scholarship and bursary program, some of the groups supported by the Lionesses include:

  • Local athletes
  • Cochrane Activettes
  • Big Hill Lodge
  • Cochrane Family XCommunity Support Services
  • Lions Rodeo
  • Children’s Wish Foundation

These groups seeking financial help will typically will submit a request to the Lionesses Club and it goes to a vote of the members. 

The group is a perfect mix, experienced members and enthusiastic newcomers. Joan Westerson, Director of the Board for the Cochrane Lioness Club, says she is so pleased that the next generation of women are taking an interest in this service club. She has been a member since 1977, along with 6 other original members. Westerson says there are so many benefits to joining.

"It’s an evening to go out and socialize, meet new people while doing some good in your community."

If you would like more information about this service club, click here.