A local man has started a group aimed at getting Cochranites together to help others during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The group is called Cochrane COVID-19 Volunteers and it's up on Facebook.

Scott Lloyd says he wanted to do something to help those who are vulnerable, in isolation or those who don't have anyone else to help them.

"I thought early on to start the group and help well-informed people within the community. Cochrane is already a great community, which is awesome, so I feel that support early on is already there."

Lloyd says people can pitch in to help where they can but the page is also for those who could really use a hand.

"So grocery shopping, seniors in and around the neighbourhood. Organizing and maybe helping with Meals on Wheels in some capacity. Help organize or put together food hampers or boxes. All of the things this community has already been doing for the last number of years."

He says he anticipates the need for extra help and volunteers will grow as time rolls on. 

There are 445 people on the Facebook page as of Tuesday morning. 

"I think kind of as exhaustion starts to wear on I think the need is going to get more and more as we move forward.I put some announcements out on this when doing deliveries I try to research as much as I can to make sure we do it safely because I don't want a whole bunch of volunteers out there spreading the virus, I want make sure to keep everyone within the community safe."

He says he wants to make sure there's help for the first nations population as well as he feels they're most vulnerable during this unprecedented time.

If you're not on Facebook but would still like to help or perhaps need some help you can contact Scott by email slloyd.pps@gmail.com or calling him (403) 826-4444.