A Cochrane Denturist is putting his 3D printer to good use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luke LaRocque-Walker is printing bias tape makers for anyone sewing masks as well as ear protectors for healthcare workers who wear face masks all day.

LaRocque-Walker says the bias tape jigs allow you to make something that is tieable and also something that can seal the edges of the mask. 

"Because you can't get elastics or anything like that right now you can cut your fabric into two-inch strips run it through the jig, iron it and then fold the fabric again and iron it one more time and then it can be stitched and used for making masks."

He is also printing a piece that will help get the elastics from disposable masks off your ears to make it more comfortable.

"For nurses and doctors who are having to wear masks non-stop, apparently the disposable masks can rub your ears raw so we can 3D print these little devices that sit on the back of your head and it just takes the pressure off your ears."

He's donated a bunch to the YYC mask makers group on Facebook but LaRocque-Walker is hoping to help out people in town. 

"I was just wondering if there were any people making masks locally that need any of those bias tape jigs or if there are any workers locally here at places like Bethany that could use those ear protectors so we can kind of help out closer to home as well."

If you want to chat with Luke about the items he is printing you can send him an email at truenorthdenture@gmail.com