Maddie Warren is on a mission to spread happiness and joy while raising awareness for children with limb differences. 

The Cochrane resident says her son Xander was born with a few health conditions, including a limb difference. 

"His left arm is missing a forearm bone and then the one that he does have is very short and very curved like a C. And then he has half of a hand and the two fingers that he does have are fused together. So there's quite a few limb differences going on and they have all these fancy names that I still can't say properly." 

Warren is encouraging Cochranites to watch a popular movie and to have a conversation with their kids about how each child is unique. 

"Every October we've been inviting parents, dayhomes, schools etc. just to watch the movie Finding Nemo for their next movie night because we think it's a great opportunity for everybody just to chat with their kids about how everyone is just born a little different."

After watching the movie, she's asking parents to have their kids draw, paint or colour a Finding Nemo picture, and then post it to social media and use #LuckyFinXander

Maddie WarrenMaddie Warren took to Facebook to encourage Cochrane parents to get their kids involved.

This is the third year for this tradition and Warren says it's pretty special when you click on the hashtag and look at all of the wonderful artwork.

"Obviously it's very emotional. We have a great support system here in Cochrane. People are totally willing to go above and beyond for our situation. I've had mutual friends connect me with other parents here in Cochrane with kids that also have limb differences and they met with me when I was pregnant and I found out about it. We're just really grateful."

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