The carpets are a little wet in the basement of the Cochrane Historical Museum but otherwise, the building was saved from further damage when the Big Hill Creek overflowed from the heavy overnight downpour.

Larry Want, president of the Cochrane Historical Archival Preservation Society (CHAPS), brought his backhoe to the site, June 21, after being alerted to the problems being faced by staff member Tim Collard. Gravel was strategically placed around the perimeter of the 110-year-old historic building.

Larry Want takes his backhoe through the deep water at the entrance of the Cochrane Ranche historic site.

Want says the water has since started to recede. There is some wet carpet in the basement that is currently being lifted with the assistance of Riverbend Interiors, Floors and Decor to be dried.

In late March, the museum's basement was extensively damaged and hundreds of archival photographs left soggy when a freak ice blockage upstream overflowed the Big Hill Creek.

The Hwy. 1A entrance to the Cochrane Ranche historic site, where the museum is located, is waist-deep in water from the heavy overnight downpour and has forced the temporary closure of the park. A shallow trench has been created roadside to help drain the area.

While the rain has slowed, the town continues to remedy problems in the park and elsewhere in the community. Hardest hit was a section of the Sunset Ridge community and Glenbow Drive.

The town recommends people stay clear of all waterways and parks until water levels subside.