A true underdog story took place this weekend at the Hippogriffs Spring Invitational Quidditch Tournament.

Cochrane's youth Quidditch team, The Owls finished the weekend tournament and returned home with a silver medal.

“We were the underdogs because we don't have as much experience as the other teams.” explains one of the Owl's coaches Hirra Memon.

“One of my new players has only had one practice and our other players got maybe four practices. Meanwhile, the other teams have about five years to eight years.”

The Spring Invitational was held in Calgary and featured teams from around the province, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. 

After a slow start with some lost matches, the Owls mounted a comeback and found themselves in the silver medal match. The final score saw the Owls fly away with a 140-84 victory. 


“The other teams cheered for us too because they knew how new we were and they saw the change in the players. Some of the coaches even came up and congratulated me, they didn't realize that we have much less experience compared to their team.”

“It was amazing. They left on such a high from the tournament.”