Cochrane's spring/summer swim club hits the water for the first time May 2.

The Cochrane Piranhas are looking forward to another action packed year with some really great upcoming swimmers, commented Piranhas Head Coach Breanna Hendriks.

"We have a lot of potential and lots of opportunity with the swimmers who are swimming."

With some of the club's top swimmers such as Erik and Thomas Nusl moving on to other aspirations, it opened up the door to some new faces.

"We went through our whole wait list and kind of moved some new swimmers in so we got a lot of new swimmers in the younger groups, so that is really exciting."

Training is intense for the 60 swimmers in the club.

"Our youngest swimmers, they begin the season swimming three times a week, older swimmers swim up to five times a week. Then later in the season the younger swimmers are swimming four times a week and the older swimmers are swimming five times a week but longer periods of time and more distance."

The Piranhas will look to make a splash at their first swim meet in Didsbury June 4, for the first competition in Region E.