A new wall mural is the focal point of the Cochrane Public Library children's area.

Greg Christensen and Louise Robinson are a married artistic couple who created the masterpiece in the children's area.

Robinson says te idea came from Jeri Maitland, Cochrane Public Library Executive Director, who provided the subject matter to the artists.

"We really wanted to have Cochrane the main theme of it. So we used buildings and some of the history of Cochrane in the mural, not that it is historically correct in every form but you can definitely see the representation and symbolism of Cochrane in it."

A lot of time went into researching the project.

"We definitely used our Ipad and all kinds of resources as we sourced out different things to find out how things look and especially at this size."

The artists have done projects like this before but commented that it was nice to work inside not only for peaking interests of library patrons but also for the long term investment.

"The thing about being inside is that it will be viewed differently it is going to get viewed really close up and it's going to be where people kind of mill around- where they can sit and watch and look at it for time. Where the other murals people are passing by more."

The one neat thing the mural will provide is a 'Where's Waldo?' feel to it.

"We will be coming back and adding the list of things that are hiding in the mural that the kids can find. So we will have a list of those things up on the wall."

The couple has been married for 39 years and shares that in order to paint together, one half of the couple is designated the 'foreman'.

"We decided at that time that one person would be designated the foreman, and the foreman has the last say in case of any discrepancies."

The pair shares it was a lot of fun painting and collaborating together through the project.

"Louise is very organic in her approach and I am a little more mechanical in my approach, but we blend them well."

When completed the mural will be sealed with a protective, clear, hardy sealant to protect the artwork from damage.

Pop by the Cochrane Public Library at any time to see the mural and expanded children's programming.