Like the rest of the world, Cochrane RCMP are having to adjust practices to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Measures are being taken to keep the officers and staff safe by limiting contact with the public. The Cochrane RCMP detachment is closed to the public, but all citizens who have non-emergency issues are encouraged to call the local detachment at 403-851-8000. However, as Corporal Troy Savinkoff points out, "We actually have closed the doors,that being said, if you were in an emergency and you showed up at our doors we would be letting you in but for non-emergency we ask that you call, 403-851-8000."

With regards to criminal record checks, Savinkoff says, "We will only being doing them in exceptional circumstances and going forward we will be setting up times and dates when we will be taking those." Again, you are encouraged to call the detachment to speak to staff directly with regards to the checks.

Corporal Savinkoff adds, "Don't be afraid or alarmed if you see our employees wearing extra protection. Our members going forward are always going to be trying to reduce their exposure so as things progress there will always be enough police officers in place, that are healthy, to assist people with their emergent needs."

Of course, if there is an emergency situation, you are asked to call 911.